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Creation Versus Evolution – The Time Has Come

     I have a question for creationists around the world, when are you going to argue your point without using the Bible as your basis for your take on creation? Is it possible that what you believe about the Bible is wrong? What’s even worse is listening to the self-proclaimed Christians talk about the Bible and how wonderful it is, and then a split second later, hear them essentially toss out all of Genesis Chapter One. I have dug very deep over the years searching for answers about our origins and have only found one source that explained, in an understandable way, how everything came to be, without leaving massive gaps in the reasoning.

     The Science Of God appeals to the Scientific mind that seeks to truly understand how we got here. If you ever wanted to read a book that isn’t burning with agenda, then The Science Of God will sooth your mind while making you take careful consideration about your beliefs as it provokes thoughts and ideas you never knew existed. Even science has not delivered a theory as clearly laid out as The Science of God has. Evolution has some gaps in its logic of its own to explain. It’s peculiar the way both sides present their cases in the Creation Versus Evolution Debate. Often when they cannot explain themselves they invoke some highly unlikely views as “fact.” We can do better than what we believe today.

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